Most ways of thinking can be learnt as skills, like confidence and assertiveness. Let's commit to change now, and we won't stay the same.


Things get in the way; we even get in the way of ourselves some times—time to break free and step out. Take a step back, re-evaluate and work on overcoming obstacle, one by one.


Work towards your goals, visualise them and take mini-steps to reach them. Build momentum as you take one step at a time. Only you can build your future.



Most would describe me as a father, husband, and training & coaching business owner. But the truth is, I am a lot more than that. And you are too!

Today's world may try to put labels on us, but that doesn't mean we have live by those labels. Join me on this journey of discovery that we call lie, to break from what others expect of us and start living the life we desire.

As we journey together, my passion is for you to unlock your potential, learn to care for yourself and move forward positively with confidence and self-esteem. Let us embark on this road to discovery.



The son of a hard-working mum, dad, and stepdad,  I grew up believing that I had to follow the path destined for me. Go to school, get an apprenticeship and build a safe life myself. Although this focused vision led me to a well-paid career as a software engineer in my 20s, it didn't inspire me that much concerning who I was and what brought me happiness, joy and peace.

After realising that I wanted to discover more and work towards my full potential, I walked away from it. I began a journey of self-discovery, going to university to study theology to degree level and life coaching to advance diploma level.

I realised that you couldn't go back once you stepped into who you are and be your authentic self.

I'm not saying you should walk away from your commitments and responsibilities. Are you ready to walk away from your own limiting beliefs, work towards unlocking your potential and move forward and create a life you want to make? Let's, journey together as we imagine, develop passion and vision and carry on that with action.


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"After only 4 weeks of working with Andy, I've created some amazing shifts in my mindset, focus and day-to-day. I am taking the future seriously, and determined to make the changes that I need, one small step at a time."

John Peters

"I was struggling with my small business, couldn't focus and get done what was needed. Andy helped me by getting me to set goals, believe in myself and move forward. Thanks for your encouragement Andy!."

Stacey Gillard