Moving Forward: The Power of Vision plus mini-tasks

the power of vision plus mini-tasks Aug 25, 2022
The Power of Vision plus mini-tasks

When we create something in our mind that we are going for, it's vision. Vision alone is potential power, but if you break that vision down into mini tasks and then take action to accomplish those tasks,  that's very powerful. Power = an idea, plus movement.

Even more powerful is if the vision we have is aligned with our passions. If you are passionate about something, this can create a vision and then if we do nothing about it, it just remains a desire. But if we take action, and break that vision down into manageable tasks that we can accomplish, that is powerful action, we are building the future.

What can happen once the vision is created, our own self-talk (thoughts) can agree with it or have self-doubt and stop us.

Power = Passion + Vision + Action


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