Andy Douglas Music Catalogue is dedicated to producing the highest quality music cues for film, TV, advertisements, games and multi-media and is available for exclusive / non-exclusive licensing. Our production ethos and passion is to create 'moving' music cues that seamlessly connect with the project visuals to create atmosphere and feeling, enhancing the experience of the listener and fulfilling the communication goals of the film director / producer. 


Music Libraries and Music supervisors please get in touch if you would like to include any of our music cues in your catalogues or productions: Contact

View our cues at Source Audio: or on this site via SoundCloud, Itunes and Spotify.

Our cues are extensively meta tagged allowing for ease of search by music supervisors and producers. Our Music Catalogue is growing, here are some more details:

  • Cues arranged in groups of ten per album following a theme and genre

  • Cues are extensively meta tagged for ease of search in Music Libraries

  • Each cue also comes with variation versions: e.g) no drums, strings & choirs only etc.

  • Each cue has a final mix and also comes with individual stems

  • High quality sound samples used including: Spitfire, East West, Project Sam, Native Instruments, Heavyocity...

  • Cues are available to listen to on Source Audio or SoundCloud, Itunes and Spotify

Please do take a listen to our cues and if you would like to discuss licensing or adding any of our album cues to your music library, do get in touch with the composer / creator Andy Douglas directly here: Contact

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