You Bring Light to my Soul  

You Bring Light to my Soul is finished. Check out the video further down in this post. I produced the music and video completely on an Iphone 6s Plus and a Focusrite iTrack Pocket with the following apps: (Focusrite Impact, Cute Cut, Video to Audio, Audio Copy, Garageband, recorder plus and the full Lursen Mastering Console App.

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  1. You Bring Light To My Soul

Songs for the Soul Album 

Starting work on Songs for the Soul Album. This is going to be a work in progress. Drawing on my Christian faith my aim is to write an album from the heart, to connect with people the love of God. Many of the songs have already been forming, some of which I have been playing at the Bridge Church in Woodford. The next post will be for the individual songs on the album. Each one will become a project in it's own right, I'll explain the background to each song and how I created it. Watch this space.


1) You Bring Light to my Soul


A work in progress, more to come...